Our Pricing Model: Simplifying the Way You Pay start today?

At Gumtrue, we offer a unique modular approach to subscription licensing. Our tiered pricing model ensures that you pay for what you need today, with the flexibility to add on as your company grows or your needs evolve.


Single Plan: Professional

For high performance

Platform Fee for Every 20 Users: £110/month
First 9 Users: £10/user/month
Next 11 Users: £22/user/month
Additional Users: £30/user/month
Email Pack (non-rollover): £1/500 emails sent
Whatsapp Pack (non-rollover): £1/1000 messages sent
  • * Each User Enables 85 Orders/week, Shared Across the Company

How we do it?

If your drivers make changes on the road, need to print/email invoices, enter check/cash payments, get directions, capture a signature, or return deposits - our mobile app has you covered. Currently compatible with any Android phone or tablet (iOS is coming soon!), simply choose one that fits your particular business needs. Our routing software can act as your trusty dairy management software, water delivery software, or routing software for produce, meals, and much more..

  • Information when you need it.
  • Sales Order History.
  • Suggested Orders.

imeliness and order accuracy are vitally important for the reputation of your company. Whether you’re delivering milk, water, produce, meals, propane, or some other related product, your customers are depending on you to be there when you should and have the products they want. Our comprehensive routing software and delivery driver management software lets you edit orders, track outstanding returns, text customers a delivery confirmation, and more - all from your tablet or mobile device.


Enjoy Rocket Fast Server

Our platform makes use of Amazon's EC2 cloud, which allows us flexibility in regions, failover mechanisms, scalability, and reliability. Sit back and relax knowing your business data is secure, redundant, updated, and performing at its optimal level.

User friendly

You won’t have to spend ages getting setup and managing your system. Gumtrue is clean, clutter-free and packed full with easy to use tools.

Technical support

Our knowledgable team are available to help whenever it is needed by phone, email and live chat. Your data migration and training is also offered free of charge!

Protecting your data

We understand the value of data. With our robust system of data safeguards, we allow you to focus on the data rather than on its security