Application and features

Customer Management

Instantly access and edit a customer’s full profile and history with instant search.

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Order Management

Easily establish order edits and delivery times on the fly.

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Route Management

Create as many routes as you’d like, draw shapes on a map. It's that easy!

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Inventory Management

Easily update inventory levels through backend admin reporting of spreadsheets.

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Reporting Data

Multi-purpose reporting tools that allow for communication with result-sets

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Amazing Support

We provide old-school support - meaning we can actually talk on the phone.

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Questions and answers

1What is Gumtrue?
Gumtrue is a food distribution management software. It has everything you need to efficiently monitor your distribution network. Dedicated modules for warehouse, inventory handling, purchasing, sales and bookkeeping ensure the steady supply of goods across your value chain.
2Do you offer data migration from other system?
We are experts in data handling. We can migrate your data from any system.
3Do you offer a trial?
Yes! We offer 30 days free trial.



Our platform makes use of Amazon's EC2 cloud, which allows us flexibility in regions, failover mechanisms, scalability, and reliability. Sit back and relax knowing your business data is secure, redundant, updated, and performing at its optimal level.

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Mobile App

If your drivers make changes on the road, need to print/email invoices, enter check/cash payments, get directions, capture a signature, or return deposits - our mobile app has you covered. Currently compatible with any Android phone or tablet (iOS is coming soon!), simply choose one that fits your particular business needs. Our routing software can act as your trusty dairy management software, water delivery software, or routing software for produce, meals, and much more.

Timeliness and order accuracy are vitally important for the reputation of your company. Whether you’re delivering milk, water, produce, meals, propane, or some other related product, your customers are depending on you to be there when you should and have the products they want. Our comprehensive routing software and delivery driver management software lets you edit orders, track outstanding returns, text customers a delivery confirmation, and more - all from your tablet or mobile device.

  • Information when you need it
  • Sales Order History
  • Suggested Orders

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